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Get current quote

    -X GET
--header 'Accept: application/json'
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {token here}'

Returns the following structure:

"symbol": "F 240119C00011350",
"ask": 1.82,
"ask_size": 38,
"bid": 1.79,
"bid_size": 1710,
"last": 1.79,
"last_size": 30,
"volume": 125,
"date": 1682524358,
"high": 1.88,
"low": 1.74,
"open": 1.88,
"close": 1.81,
"week52_high": 0,
"week52_low": 0,
"change": -0.02,
"change_pc": -1.1,
"open_interest": 37168,
"implied_volatility": 38.73,
"theoretical_price": 1.71,
"delta": 0.6,
"gamma": 0.1,
"theta": 0,
"vega": 0.04

The query retrieves current quote for the specified symbol.

If you have an active OPRA data subscription, it is necessary to activate your API token in the Cabinet under My Profile -> API Keys to access market data. OPRA market data will be available for one trading session. On the following day, it will be required to reactivate the API token.


symbolRequired. The security symbol


The data depends on current time of day.

symbolstringThe security symbol
asknumberAsk price
ask_sizenumberAsk size
bidnumberBid price
bid_sizenumberBid size
lastnumberLast price
last_sizenumberLast trade size
volumenumberToday's total volume
datenumberLast trade time. Timestamp in unix format
highnumberToday's high price
lownumberToday's low price
opennumberOpen price
closenumberYesterday's close price
week52_highnumber52 week high
week52_lownumber52 week low
changenumberToday's price change
change_pcnumberToday's percent price change
open_interestnumberOpen Interest (options)
implied_volatilitynumberImplied volatility (options)
theoretical_pricenumberTheoretical price (options)
deltanumberDelta value (options)
gammanumberGamma value (options)
thetanumberTheta value (options)
veganumberVega value (options)