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Get accounts balances

    -X GET
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {token here}'

Response example

"account_number": "12345678@vision",
"trade_platform": "ETNA",
"margin_type": "marginx2",
"restriction": "none",
"daytrades_count": 0,
"account_value_total": 9880.6806,
"cash": 5283.44,
"day_trading_buying_power": 0,
"margin_buying_power": 15243,
"non_margin_buying_power": 7621.5,
"position_market_value": 4597.2406,
"unsettled_cash": 0,
"cash_to_withdraw": 7621.5
"account_number": "11111111@cor",
"trade_platform": "ETNA",
"margin_type": "daytrader",
"restriction": "restricted",
"restriction_reason": "please fund the account",
"daytrades_count": 0,
"account_value_total": 0,
"cash": 0,
"day_trading_buying_power": 0,
"margin_buying_power": 0,
"non_margin_buying_power": 0,
"position_market_value": 0,
"unsettled_cash": 0,
"cash_to_withdraw": 0

Get balance information for all user accounts as an array of the following json structures:

account_numberthe account number
trade_platformthe trading platform this account is traded on
margin_typethe margin type, possible values are cash, marginx1, marginx2, daytrader
restrictionrestriction level effective on the account, possible values are none - no restrictions, restricted - opening transactions are not allowed but closing orders are accepted, disabled - no activity is allowed in the account, closed - the account is closed
restriction_reasonoptional description explaining why the account is restricted
daytrades_countday trades counter
account_value_totaltotal account liquidation value
cashaccount debit balance when negative, credit balance when positive
day_trading_buying_powerday trading buying power for marginable securities
margin_buying_powerthe buying power for marginable securities
non_margin_buying_powerthe buying power for non-marginable securities
position_market_valuesum of all positions current market values. The value is negative for short positions
unsettled_cashunsettled cash for cash accounts
cash_to_withdrawcash available to withdraw from the account