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Error handling

We use standard HTTP codes to indicate the result of a request. Generally speaking, codes in 2xx range indicate successful call, codes 4xx indicate that the request failed with the information provided (authentication not accepted, parameters formatted incorrectly, a trade is not accepted) and codes 5xx indicate internal server errors with no further explanation. The standard codes are clearly not enough, that is why the API can also respond with a json object with the following optional fields:

codenot_found, validation_error, api_error
messagethe error description

HTTP status codes

200 OKall good
400 BAD REQUESTthe request is not accepted most likely due to formatting issues
401 UNAUTHORIZEDauthorization denied, access token is incorrect or revoked
404 NOT FOUNDthe requested resource is not found
500 SERVER ERRORinternal server error, something on our end