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Welcome to the Lime Dashboard

The Lime Dashboard is a web-based application for viewing active Lime orders and trade details. 60 days of history is currently available on-line. Results can be exported to Excel.


You only need any web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). No software installation is required.

You will need a user id and access to the email address you are registered with. You can also optionally use an authenticator app or your email address for two-factor authentication. Contact Lime Support to request a login.

Logging In

After you have been registered you will receive an email containing your user id and password. When you first attempt to log in you will need to change your password and register for two-factor authentication.


To simply search for the most recent orders in your account(s) just press the Return key or the Search icon. Up to 500 orders will be returned, you can scroll down past the first 500 and another 500 will be returned for up to a total of 10,000 orders.

Click on the Order Search toggle to switch to the Trades search tab, and press again to switch back. Trades search behaves the same as orders in returning results batches of 500, up to 10,000.


Search fields

Most users will want to search for specific orders based on some parameters. This can be a date and/or time range, symbol, account, quantity, order status, etc.

The most common search fields are specified along the top of the screen. Press the Expand icon to display additional less used search fields. As many fields can be specified for your search as you want. After selecting your search fields run the search.

To clear a search field press the Cancel button in that field. To clear all search fields press the Clear button.

Clicking on the Calendar search field in the top displays a calendar that allows you to select the start and end dates for historical search. You can also specify time ranges, including relative time values of Last 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

The Search URL

Each search that is run will have saved as part of the browser URL. This allows you to bookmark frequently used searches. By right-clicking in the URL box and selecting Copy you can share the URL.

Light and Dark Modes

Press the round user icon with your initials in the upper right corner and toggle between Light and Dark modes.

Results Grid

Column selection

By default, a pre-defined set of columns is displayed. You can move them by clicking and holding the mouse and dragging them to another location in the header.

You can also organize columns by pressing the Column icon to display the column chooser. A pop-up will be displayed allowing you to add and remove columns and order them.

Pinning columns

Press the Pin icon on any column heading to pin it to the left side of the result grid.

Sorting data

Press any column heading to sort the data in ascending order, press again to sort in descending order and again to clear the sorting for that field.

Sorting is only on the results currently in the grid - the sort is not called on the server.

Exporting data

Press the Export icon to save the data in the result grid in either Excel (XLSX) or CSV format.


Order results have some unique features. Press the Expand Arrow icon to display additional information about the order:

  • Trade Details displays the message history for the order
  • Risk displays the pre-trade risk checks for the order
  • Latency displays latency for the new order and ack through the trading server, as well as round trip total latency (not available for all orders)
  • FIX Message displays a pop-up for all FIX messages for the order

Press the Pop-out icon to display all the above information in a new page, with a URL that can be saved or shared.

Order Fields

Field NameDescription
Order RecordedThe date and time the order was received by Lime
Last ChangedThe date and time the order was last changed
Firm NameThe client (firm) name
Account NumberThe Lime account number
Account NameThe Lime account name
Order StatusStatus of the order corresponding to the FIX status (New, Pending, Canceled, Rejected, etc.)
StateOPEN if the order is still open and active, CLOSED if its filled, canceled or rejected
SymbolSymbol for the order
SideBuy, Sell, Short, Cover
Order TypeLimit or Market
PriceLimit price for a limit order, blank for market order
Order QuantityNumber of shares for the order
Security TypeEquity or Option
Symbol UnderlyingFor options orders the underlying equity symbol
Position EffectOpen or Close (for options orders only)
Lime Order IDThe numeric id assigned by Lime to the order
Client Order IDThe order id assigned by the client to the order
Client AccountThe client account number for the order (not always populated)
RouteVenue where this order is being sent
Executed QuantityNumber of shares executed so far for this order
Average PriceAverage price for the executed quantity
Total CostExecuted Quantity x Average Price for the order
Time In ForceTime in force specified for the order (Day,GTC, IOC, etc.)
Sender IDSending session id for the order
Target IDTarget session id for the order
Reject ReasonText description for rejects (not always populated)
Replaced IDThe Lime order id replacing this order
Algo Parent IDLime order id representing the algo order that this order is a child of
Algo NameAlgo name specified for the order
Efix HubInternal use
Trading DomainInternal use
PlatformInternal use


Trades display just execution reports for open orders. There are some additional fields returned, which are noted below:

Trades Fields

Field NameDescription
TimestampDate and time the trade was made
Last MarketExecution venue for the trade
TextText description of the trade from the venue (not always populated)
Execution IDThe id assigned by the venue that executed the trade
TIDInternal use

Logging Out

Press the Round Icon with your initials in the upper right corner and select Logout.